Beech Bluff Trail, Greensboro Watershed Trails

Massive trees along the Beech Bluff Trail

Hiking in August may mean uncomfortable humidity and heat, but it also means the chance to listen to the summer symphony of insects, amphibians and birds as they approach their seasonal crescendo. On my recent hike along the 1.3-mile Beech Bluff Trail, the katydids, bullfrogs and birds were in full concert, creating a natural soundtrack for my hike. In addition to its auditory pleasures, I found the trail traverses a mature forest with large trees including beech, oak and tulip poplar; a bluff overlooking a creek and bottomlands; and some views of the backwaters of Lake Higgins.

Be sure to follow the trail all the way to Lewiston Road so that you can see the unobstructed view of Lake Higgins from the bridge. (Note: When you reach the water treatment station at about the mile mark, follow the gravel service road; the trail is not well marked here.) If you cross the bridge on Lewiston Road, you can pick up the Bald Eagle Trail on the left to make an approximately 2.7-mile loop.

Given the perspective of the forest floor from the bluff, this trail is likely a great place to see fall colors; and in winter the views of Lake Higgins’ backwaters are undoubtedly better. No matter the time of year, you’ll want to take your time on this trail to appreciate the forest around you since there is little in the way of unobstructed lake views or other highlights.

—Mark Caskie

See Beech Bluff Trail photos.

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